Power House – my home away from home

Power House senior team runs out for battle against Old Westbourne on 11 August 2012

I’ve been involved with Power House footy club since 1985, I played just 66 games for the Club over 15 seasons (I retired from playing in 2000).  I’ve been a player, a committee man and since 1995 my business DISKMANdotNet has been the Club’s web designer, domain name and web hosting provider and more recently I’ve been an official photographer.  Everytime I go to the Club I get a really special feeling.  There’s no better place when I am there.  The clubrooms, the smell of liniment, the sight of the boys running out in the Green, White and Black; it stirs really special memories.  Makes me want to pull on a pair of boots and join them!

Being involved with the Club post-retirement is something which I really enjoy doing.  Giving back to the Club is really important to me as it gave so much to me.  It’s part of my identity and it feels great when I share that ‘my Club is Power House’ in conversations with people close and far from the Club.  “My Club”….

When I think of Power House, I stand tall and I am proud.  I am positive I am not alone with this feeling.

The reason I love Power House so much is the history of the place.  The characters which make up the Club are amongst some of the best people I know.  Their passion for the Club is infectious and you can’t help but being caught up by it.  From my past team mates, young and old, to the ‘old timers’ whose very shoulders the Club was built upon, to the present players; they are all important to me.

The Club was originally founded in 1940, but it wasn’t until 1947 (after the war) when it was resurrected and joined the VAFA.  Since then it has won 7 Premierships (U19’s, Reserves and Seniors), has had 2 players awarded with 300 game status by the VAFA and has had numerous  VAFA Victorian representatives.  More Club history can be viewed on the PHFC web site.

A great example of how my Club comes together to support, remember and appreciate each other is last Saturday (11 August 2012) when the Club hosted a Past Players’ Luncheon in memory of Les Gordon.  Sadly we lost Les this year and  it was fitting to dedicate the lunch and the game day in Les’ name.

Les Gordon

Les Gordon (middle) with (L-R) Ian Dakin, Rick Sykes, Peter Dakin and Peter Hutchinson

A bit about Les Gordon

Les is the games record holder for the Power House Football Club. He played 357 games in a playing career that spanned 1952 – 1971. Les is a 4-time Seniors Best and Fairest winner (1960, 1961, 1962 and 1964) and was Senior Captain in 1962, 1963, 1964 and 1971. He was Senior Coach for 6 seasons. He was a member of the 1959 Invincibles Premiership Team and was Senior Playing Captain-Coach of the 1971 Premiership Team. In 2011, Les was elevated to LEGEND status of the Power House Football Club.

I’ll never be a legend of the Club, I’ll never be a Life Member and I’ll never be one of the greats; but that’s ok by me because in my own way I played my part in the past and I continue to play a different part now which many people associated with the Club appreciate.  It’s enough to make ‘my’ heart grow glad. I am proud to be involved and lending my hand to recording and promoting the Club’s history.

Go Power House!  Go you Slushee Warriors!