Finding The Right Web Host

It’s not surprising that many people have no idea about website hosting and how to go about organise it the right way.  While us ‘techie people’ think it’s as easy as breathing, many are intimidated and quite often get sucked in to spending more than they have to simply because they don’t really know.  Kind of like not knowing about mechanics, and then being told by a mechanic that your engine needs replacing when really an oil change and a service are all that is needed.

The process for hosting a web site can be made simple as long as you know or know someone who knows a few basics like:

  • How/where to register a domain name
  • How/where to manage your domain name
  • How/where to set up a web hosting account
  • And of course building the site itself
  • How/where to set up emails
  • How to sort out Search Engine Optimisation

So when it comes to web hosting, you need to find someone who knows what they’re doing unless you’re willing to learn it all yourself.

Luckily my company DISKMANdotNet has had over 20 years experience in this exact area.  Our longevity in this business has been the saviour of many clients.  Some of our clients have been with us from day one.  It’s because we know what we’re doing, we make it easy for the client and they don’t have to worry about any of this at all.  I am glad I don’t have to look after my own teeth.  I have a dentist for that!

More often than we’d like to remember we’ve had to take that phone call from a client who is in tears, their web site is gone, their emails wont work and they have no idea where to go next.  Luckily they’ve had a friend or colleague point them in my direction and within a few hours or days we’ve got everything back in order. Domain name, web site and emails all reactivated.  Happy days for all.

Read more about what you should consider before choosing a web host at DISKMANdotNet.