Rebecca Michael Melbourne Photographer

Outdoor family photography sessions with Rebecca MichaelOur client Rebecca Michael has been working for many years as a photographer in Australia and from her home in Melbourne’s eastern suburbs.

With 17 years of photography experience under her belt at the Herald Sun newspaper, she has become accomplished and versatile in so many ways such as, photographing prominent celebrities and other commercial work.

Now, Rebecca specialises in Family, Maternity, Newborn and Children’s Photography and she has built her own dedicated photography studio in her home which is available to families, children and even commercial photography shoots. You are not limited to just studio photography though. Rebecca can take you out on location, either in the surrounds around her beautiful property, or anywhere you choose around Melbourne.

Rebecca is also a mother of two and really knows how to capture those moments which you will treasure forever. Print your family photos for your wall, for your photo albums and even send digital versions to your loved ones interstate and overseas.

Family photography is about fun. It’s about capturing memories that will last forever, and not just in the boring old style, but in new creative and exciting ways too!

Contact Rebecca for when you need your next photography session. We highly recommend her.


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