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It’ always a thrill to find my photos on other people’s web sites.  In this case I am really over the moon as KISS is one of my all time favorite bands.  Mixing music and photography (equal par as far as my passions go) is always going to be enjoyable.  Photographing Bruce Kulick at the […]

Jimmy Bartel; the Cats Greatest?

Jimmy Bartel has nearly done it all.  So it begs the question; is he ‘the’ Cats best ever player?  Look at his achievements below and see his resume is just about complete. AFL premiership medallion (2007, 2009, 2011) 2-time NAB Cup premiership winner (2006, 2009) Brownlow Medal (2007) 2-time All-Australian (2007, 2008) AFL Rising Star […]

I have such beautiful eyes

Having to put up with wearing glasses every waking moment of every day is a pain in the backside, and annual checkups are a must to make sure everything is going ok.  Prevention is far better than any cure so staying on top of it all is good peace of mind.  Recently I have been […]

Bruce Kulick Photo Shoot

In February 2012 I had the pleasure of photographing Bruce Kulick (ex-KISS guitarist 1984 – 1996) at the Corner Hotel in Richmond, Melbourne. Bruce put an awesome band together comprising of Tim Henwood (Vocals), Travis Dragani (Drums), Paul Drennan (Guitar), Matt Macauliffe (Bass) and of course Bruce himself on Vocals and Guitars.  The band bashed […]

Cats Scrape Home Against Hungry Tigers

The Cats 2012 season continues on its rocky road with a 10 point win over a determined young Tigers outfit. Led brilliantly by Joel Selwood, Jimmy Bartel and experienced defenders, Tom Lonergan, Harry Taylor and Josh Hunt the Cats were able to hold off a desperate effort by the young Tiger team, who actually drew […]

Good old fashioned rock’n’roll

KISSTROYER rocked Golden Plains Sixxx in March this year and blew everyone away.  Here’s a video of some highlights which shows just how good these guys are and how honest their show is.  Rock’n’Roll!!!!!!!  Ooooooooh yeeeeeaaaaaaaah!!!!!!!!! Check out KISSTROYER’s new web site here.

Party Time on the Gold Coast

A new family tradition was borne this week – we were off to the Gold Coast to watch our beloved Cats take on the Suns at their new home ground, the old Cararra.  When we were kids we’d drive to VFL Park or the ‘G’ or catch the train down to Geelong; in this modern […]

Today’s Discovery – Learnt vs Learned

US vs British spelling and grammar has often confused us all at one time or another. Well what have we learnt (or learned)? Wiki Answers helps us better understand the difference between these two words…. The British English way of the past tense word learn is learnt. The American English way of the past tense […]

Find PHP files which are only numbers

Sometimes you need to find files which their name is completely a set of numbers.  I have found this especially useful when a site I host ‘seems’ to have been compromised by a hacker. find /home | egrep ‘^.*\/[0-9]*\.php$’ | egrep -v “\/404.php|\/PEAR\/REST” Thanks to Tim from ://Sapia for this contribution.

Common LINUX Commands

The following is a list of commonly used LINUX/UNIX commands which may be of value during your Telnet sessions. Remember that LINUX/UNIX is case sensitive. Options or flags which can be used with a command are placed in [ ]. The [ ] are not part of the command and should not be included in […]