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JamesD Photography on KISSOPOLIS

Always a thrill to find my photos shared around!

It’ always a thrill to find my photos on other people’s web sites.  In this case I am really over the moon as KISS is one of my all time favorite bands.  Mixing music and photography (equal par as far as my passions go) is always going to be enjoyable.  Photographing Bruce Kulick at the Corner Hotel was probably one of my favorite moments.  To have my work shared at KISSOPOLIS is a major thrill!


Click here to visit KISSOPOLIS online.

Jimmy Bartel; the Cats Greatest?

Jimmy Bartel

Jimmy Bartel; possibly the Cats best in season 2012 so far

Jimmy Bartel has nearly done it all.  So it begs the question; is he ‘the’ Cats best ever player?  Look at his achievements below and see his resume is just about complete.

  • AFL premiership medallion (2007, 2009, 2011)
  • 2-time NAB Cup premiership winner (2006, 2009)
  • Brownlow Medal (2007)
  • 2-time All-Australian (2007, 2008)
  • AFL Rising Star Nomination (2002)
  • Norm Smith Medal (2011)

The only thing missing is a Carji Greeves medal for Geelong Cats’ Best and Fairest.  Find out what drives him to succeed, it’s all revealed in the two following videos.  The way he is tracking this season just might see him winning that elusive best and fairest.

Establishing himself as an elite mid-fielder and winning the Brownlow Medal in that position, in recent years he has transformed in to one of the games most versatile and accomplished players.  He can play tall, he can ‘run-with’, he can take a great mark and he’s ever so reliable kicking in front of goal.  Pound for pound, definitely up there amongst the best.  Above all, he’s humble, likeable and approachable.

Read Jimmy’s official profile here

I have such beautiful eyes

Having to put up with wearing glasses every waking moment of every day is a pain in the backside, and annual checkups are a must to make sure everything is going ok.  Prevention is far better than any cure so staying on top of it all is good peace of mind.  Recently I have been getting headaches and a sharp pain in behind my left eye.  A trip today to the optometrist revealed some surprising results.  Good news and bad news….. Ok, the good news first.  My long distance vision is stable, no need to worry here.  BUT here goes with the bad…… You can’t imagine my horror discovering that my close vision eyesight is deteriorating.  Even worse horror…. I have been recommended to wear multi-focal lenses in my glasses.  I guess age is catching up with me and the inevitable is fast approaching.  At least I still have my teeth!!

Retinal Photograph

Here’s looking at you kid!




Bruce Kulick Photo Shoot

Bruce Kulick at the Corner Hotel

Awesome photographing a 'hero' of my yesteryear

In February 2012 I had the pleasure of photographing Bruce Kulick (ex-KISS guitarist 1984 – 1996) at the Corner Hotel in Richmond, Melbourne.

Bruce put an awesome band together comprising of Tim Henwood (Vocals), Travis Dragani (Drums), Paul Drennan (Guitar), Matt Macauliffe (Bass) and of course Bruce himself on Vocals and Guitars.  The band bashed out a number of KISS hits featuring Bruce’s signature lead solos.  Also a feature were three original songs from Bruce’s latest album BK3.

Click here and scroll down to February 13, 2012, the main image of Bruce is one of my shots and two or three others are contained in the slide show once you click on that main image.

More photos of Bruce’s Melbourne gig are on my Flickr here.

Cats Scrape Home Against Hungry Tigers

Matthew Stokes & Paul Chapman

Encouragement and advice

The Cats 2012 season continues on its rocky road with a 10 point win over a determined young Tigers outfit.

Led brilliantly by Joel Selwood, Jimmy Bartel and experienced defenders, Tom Lonergan, Harry Taylor and Josh Hunt the Cats were able to hold off a desperate effort by the young Tiger team, who actually drew level midway through the last quarter.

Cameo performances were the order of the day in blustery conditions with the wind tunneling down to the old Wade Stand end where a gaping hole prominently figures.  Senior players like Tom Hawkins, Paul Chapman and Matthew Stokes showed the way for young guns Allen Christensen, Mitch Duncan, Cam Guthrie and debutant Jessie Stringer who all contributed in their own ways towards the win.

The Cats take on the Lions next Saturday night in Brisbane and they better have their playing hats on if they’re going to get over the line.

Final Scores
Cats 11.9-75 defeated the Tigers 9.11.65

Geelong Goal Kickers
Stokes 2, Chapman 2, Hunt, Selwood, Hawkins, Podsiadly, Duncan, Motlop, Christensen

Geelong Best Players
Bartel, Guthrie, Lonergan, Taylor, Mackie, Selwood, Hawkins

More photos on my Flickr here.

Good old fashioned rock’n’roll

KISSTROYER rocked Golden Plains Sixxx in March this year and blew everyone away.  Here’s a video of some highlights which shows just how good these guys are and how honest their show is.  Rock’n’Roll!!!!!!!  Ooooooooh yeeeeeaaaaaaaah!!!!!!!!!

Check out KISSTROYER’s new web site here.

Party Time on the Gold Coast

A new family tradition was borne this week – we were off to the Gold Coast to watch our beloved Cats take on the Suns at their new home ground, the old Cararra.  When we were kids we’d drive to VFL Park or the ‘G’ or catch the train down to Geelong; in this modern era we have the privilege of cheap air travel. So here we are two families, decked out in our gear; shades of catching the train to Kardinia park, only this train is going to take off.

We board our flight amidst several other Cats supporters, it seems as though all of Geelong is heading north this week… Even our flight attendant Susan is a Cat and hails from Geelong; we get extra attention from her and she knowingly smiles at us each time she walks by.  5000 Cats fans besiege the Gold Coast leading up to the game; no matter which theme park, or which restaurant we go, they’re full of fellow Cats, its like being in Geelong on match day; and as long as you’re identified as a Catter, we’re friends and we smile and shake hands and talk “shop” –  its all in anticipation for the game which is still two long days away.

James Pavlou

In awe...

It’s match day, everyone’s up early and there are still 10 hours before match time, so we take a walk down to the beach and supervise little James ‘surf’ the Broadbeach waves on his boogie-board.  All of a sudden excitement washes over the beach and hush talk spreads that some Cats players are taking a dip in the surf.  You can imagine our delight as we glance over to see Podsy, Wojo, Taylor Hunt and Mitch Duncan sharing the water with us. Although the kids have met all the players a number of times, Anna and Tarsh are beside themselves and little James, who loves the Pod, just stands there a-gasp at seeing him again so close up and personal.  A messenger is sent back to our apartment to hail the rest of the gang onto the beach to take a sneak peak at the awesome foursome.  I am pumped… nervous but pumped. Anticipation is building, will the Suns beat us? Will we rain on their parade? Who’s going to keep Gary in check and will Stevie J put on a show?

It’s still 6 hours to game time, thoughts and scenarios are bantered around.  We transfer out time killing activities to Pacific Fair where we find more Cats supporters who have emerged from their hotels with high expectations in their hearts and minds.  It’s hard not to give them a reassuring nod, a quick “GO Cats” and a thumbs up… Cats are everywhere!

Game time t-minus 2 hours.  It’s time to go, and we load up into our rented people mover en-route to the train station to catch the shuttle bus to the ground, we’re still wondering if Stevie is going to put on that show. Anna is stoked that Ling’s back in the team, Tarsh is delirious at getting to see Jimmy in the flesh again and little James clutches onto his toy car, just as long as the Cats win he’s going to be happy.  As for us big kids, there’s more at stake, Pav just wants the 4 points (a win is a win), Maz can’t believe we’re going to the footy interstate and is hopeful it doesn’t end in tears and ruin the last of our holiday (yes even us big kids sulk when we lose) and me, well i am hoping the Cats win by a mile and that the bar isn’t too far away.  It couldn’t be any easier, park at the station, jump on the bus and banter, yet again with the Suns and Cats supporters on our 2.5km trip to the ground. Everyone’s really happy and smiling.

Traditional Family Photo

The stadium is aglow and the fans stream in… We pause for the mandatory group photo in front of the match day sign; beautifully taken by some fellow Cats supporters who’d made their way down from Brisbane and we’d met on the short bus ride; yes, Geelong supporters come from all corners of the country!

The new stadium can’t even be compared to the old one, thank Ablett (god) for modern day progress!  They’ve got pretty fancy sheds now!

Our seats are in perfect position between the goal and point posts right next door to the Cats cheer squad  we’re in good company tonight, it’s going to be fun, it’s going to be loud. We better win… Stevie J has to put on that show. Its only 30 feet to the bar and to the pies from where we sit; did i mention our seats are in perfect position?

The Suns put on a great opening ceremony show, traditional land owners speak, music blares, and fireworks scare the bejesus out of us and fill the stadium with smoke which seems will take forever to clear. At this stage of the night football is the winner, new team, new stadium and a new family tradition.  The teams break through their banners with the stench of gun powder still in the air; but its more than gun powder which fills the stadium, everyone is nervous in anticipation of how the match will pan out .The Suns fans break into a feverish frenzied chant; its almost time for the first bounce, the Cats cheer squad fires up… It’s electric, it’s game on!

The first quarter doesn’t pan out the way we thought it would; we discounted the emotion and pride of the Suns who came out all guns firing, out playing and outscoring the Cats.  The Cats cheer squad tries to fire up by chanting and clapping.. GEELONG, CLAP CLAP CLAP, GEELONG, CLAP CLAP CLAP. Suns fans are growing cockier by the minute, they try to drown out the clapping by shouting CRAP CRAP CRAP.  “Just wait till Stevie gets out his bag of tricks” we were thinking; hoping.  We’ve had slow starts in just about every game this season and this gives us a false sense of security because we’re undefeated (so far) and we’ve escaped with some tight wins so far but have we given them too much of a start this time?  The kids are despondent. The adults are really worried. 19 points down.

The second quarter was a bit more respectable but by our standards we were still struggling.  Now we knew what it felt like for away teams (and supporters) coming to Kardinia Park.  We put on our brave faces and prayed to the football gods.  The Suns fans were basking in their team’s first half effort and rightly so because they had clearly out played us. We could sense we were fighting back but where was that Steve Johnson show? 11 points down.

Steve Johnson - Party Trick Specialist

Party Trick Specialist

The half time break couldn’t have come at a better time for the Cats but we in the stands were confident it would turn around, after-all the gods listen; don’t they?  Thankfully the bar was close, the amber ale was flowing and collectively our optimism was high.

The third quarter starts, fresh beer in hand and enter from left stage Stevie J, the party time specialist. Two goals in 2 and a half minutes and the Cats hit the lead, the show had begun, this was the Geelong we knew and have grown accustomed to. Stevie came through with the goods (we knew he would), sparking our team and putting to bed our fears of being done to what we’d done to others at our home ground. The kids were smiling again and we adults breathed a bit easier. 8 goals to 1 made sure that not only did we hit the lead but we commanded the flow of the game.  34 points up.

The last quarter was time for us to cautiously enjoy, as long as we continued with our work rate from the third quarter we would win!  The Cats machine continued to out play, out muscle and out think the Suns.  66 points to the good.  It was indeed party time.

As we made our way to the shuttle bus queue, our conversation turned to our next “away” trip. Traveling to go to the footy was given a new meaning and air of excitement and so its been decided that in 2012 we will go to Perth, to see our Cats play the Dockers or the Eagles.

Story originally published on the Footy Almanac web site on June 6, 2011

Today’s Discovery – Learnt vs Learned

US vs British spelling and grammar has often confused us all at one time or another.

Well what have we learnt (or learned)?

Wiki Answers helps us better understand the difference between these two words….

The British English way of the past tense word learn is learnt. The American English way of the past tense word learn is learned.

“Learnt” is more used in UK and Canada while “Learned” is more used in USA

In addition, either term can be used as an adjective (“the learnt material” vs “the learned material”) following the same rules.

Also, there is a 2 syllable word, learnéd (though the accent on the e has been more or less completely dropped since the advent of modern English, meaning you’ll only see the accent in Shakespeare’s works and that of his contemporaries or predecessors). “Learnéd” (pronounced learn-ed) is an adjective meaning that the subject has done a lot of learning. It is more or less synonymous with “wise.”


Find PHP files which are only numbers

Sometimes you need to find files which their name is completely a set of numbers.  I have found this especially useful when a site I host ‘seems’ to have been compromised by a hacker.

find /home | egrep ‘^.*\/[0-9]*\.php$’ | egrep -v “\/404.php|\/PEAR\/REST”

Thanks to Tim from ://Sapia for this contribution.

Common LINUX Commands

The following is a list of commonly used LINUX/UNIX commands which may be of value during your Telnet sessions. Remember that LINUX/UNIX is case sensitive. Options or flags which can be used with a command are placed in [ ]. The [ ] are not part of the command and should not be included in the command that you type.

login username allows you to login for a Telnet session
passwd changes your password
logout logs you out of a Telnet session
cd change directory; cd .. moves you backwards to the next higher subdirectory level; cd / moves you to the highest directory level
chmod permissions filenames changes the permissions for a file; permissions should include a letter
designating who gets permissions (u for the user, g for the group, o for others, or a for all) followed by a + or (to give or take away the permission) followed by the kind of permission (r for read access, w for write access, xfor execute if the file is a program or script); the complete command that you type should look like:chmod g-w filename
chown user:group filenames changes ownership of a file
clear clears the screen
cp oldfiles newfiles copies a file; this leaves the old file intact and makes a new copy with a new filename
date tells you the current date and time
df displays how much space on the disks (harddrive partitions) is free
du [-a] [-s] directories tells you how much disk space your files occupy; the -a option displays the space used by each file, not just each directory; the -s option displays the total space used for each directory but not subdirectory
finger username@servername provides information concerning a user; finger without the username@servername will provide information concerning who is using the server at that time
help provides online help; several topics have been included in the help system available on the servers
ls [-l] [-a] [-p] [-r] [-t] [-x] lists the files in a directory; -l displays detailed informtion about each file and directory, including persmissions, owners, size and time/date when the file was last modified; -a option displays all the files and subdirectories including hidden files (with names that begin with a dot); -p displays a slash at the end of each directory name to distinguish them from filenames; -r displays files in reverse order; -t displays files in order of modification time; -x displays the filenames in columns across the screen.
lynx servername or URL Lynx is a text-based, non-graphical web browser for use in Telnet session
man [-k keywords] topic displays the reference manual page about a LINUX command; the –k keywords option allows you to see all man pages that contain that keyword; topic is the command or topic which you want information about
mesg [n|y] lets you control whether other people can use the talk command to interrupt you with on-screen messaging; mesg n will block the interruptions; mesg y will allow interruptions
mkdir new_directory makes a new subdirectory with the name specified by new_directory
mv [-i] oldname newname renames a file or moves it from one filename or directory to another; the -i option tells mv to prompt you before it replaces an existing filename
nslookup IP address or server alias provides conversion of an IP address to an alias of a computer if it is registered in DNS (Domain Name Service) or will provide the IP address for an alias
passwd changes your password
pine a program which allows you to read and send mail; information concerning the use of pine can be found elsewhere in the documentation or by reading the online manual pages for pine ( man pine )
ping IP address or server alias sends a ping packet to another server; this provides information concerning the time it takes for information to make the round trip to the other computer; it will also tell you whether the other server is on-line at that time
ps displays information about your processes/jobs/programs which are running on the server
rm [-i] [-r] filenames removes or deletes files; the -i option asks you to confirm that you want to delete each file; the -r option is dangerous because it allow you to delete an entire directory and all of the files it contains
rmdir directory removes a directory; you can use the -i and -r options which are described in the rm command
tail [-r] [-lines] filename displays the last few lines of a file; -r displays the lines in reverse order; -lines specifies the number of lines, starting at the end of the file, you want to see
talk username@servername allows you to talk to another user by typing messages to each other on-screen; to prevent someone from talking to you, see the mesg n
touch [-a] [-c] [-m] [date] filenames changes the date and time for a file without changing the content of the file; -a changes onlyt the date and time the file was last accessed; -c doesn’t create a file if it does not already exist; -m changes only the date and time the file was last modified; date specifies the date and time to give the file in the mmddhhnn format (month, day, hour, minute); touch with a new filename with create a new, empty file.
traceroute IP address or server alias provides information concerning the route which packets must take to get from your computer (the server in this case) to a remote computer/server; typically used to diagnose possible problems in packet routing
vi VI is a text editor. Further information concerning the editing commands for VI can be found in the help document.
w provides information concerning who is logged into the system and some details on how they are connected
who tells you who is using the server at that time
write username sends a message to another person using the system; to prevent someone from writing to you, see the mesg n command