Find and delete all files containing a specific word

If you’re like me, you can accumulate thousands of files on your computer (duplicates, renamed or whatever) … keeping track, managing, deleting can become a nightmare. If you have a Linux based computer you can easily manage your files using SSH. So here’s the solution to find and delete all files containing a specific word within the […]

Finding The Right Web Host

It’s not surprising that many people have no idea about website hosting and how to go about organise it the right way.  While us ‘techie people’ think it’s as easy as breathing, many are intimidated and quite often get sucked in to spending more than they have to simply because they don’t really know.  Kind of like […]

Creative Blog Writing Service

Writing posts for your news or blog section on your web site can be intimidating.  Even if you have and idea for or written your post you may be time poor; or you haven’t got the expertise to set it up in your blog (such as WordPress). Of course you need: An idea to write […]

Today’s Discovery – Learnt vs Learned

US vs British spelling and grammar has often confused us all at one time or another. Well what have we learnt (or learned)? Wiki Answers helps us better understand the difference between these two words…. The British English way of the past tense word learn is learnt. The American English way of the past tense […]