Paul Stanley on Facebook posts JamesD Photo

As most of you know I’ve been a KISS fan for most of my life therefore I am so happy and proud that Paul Stanley likes my photo enough to share it with his Facebook followers. To have one of my heroes share my work again has blown me away and to have my photos (my art) recognised by a truly international artist as worthy enough to share is simply amazing to me. Thanks Paul and thanks KISS.  PS, by the way it’s the second time Paul has used one of my photos on his FB….. now that rocks too!

You can read more about my KISS photo shoot experience here.

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Eric Singer likes my photo!

It’s always a thrill to see my work up in lights, but the ultimate compliment is when one of the stars I shoot uses the photo I take of them in one shape or another.  Recently I’ve had some really favorable feedback on the quality of my photos.  Dressed to Chill were amazed at my photos of them and  KISSTROYER have always been massive fans of my work.  But to have Eric Singer, KISS drummer, use my photo as his Facebook profile photo has seriously blown my mind!  I am so thrilled, you have no idea.  The reason I shoot is partially motivated by financial reasons, but from an artist’s point of view having another artist acknowledge my art in such a positive way makes all the blood, sweat and tears all worth it.

Here’s the rest of my photos from KISS’ Melbourne concert on 5th March 2013

Thank you Eric for liking my photo …  and thanks to KISSOPOLIS for sharing my photo with Eric.


Eric Singer

KISS rocks Melbourne, Etihad Stadium, 5th & 6th March 2013

KISS came to town this week (with Mötley Crüe, Thin Lizzy and Diva Demolition) and we were lucky enough to go to the concert on both nights that they played to a packed Etihad Stadium in Melbourne.   It was fantastic being in the front row in the ‘mosh pit’ two nights in a row; it was just an awesome experience to see my favorite band so close up and personal.  Not only that, but being so close allowed me to take some (even if I say so myself) great photos.  Hopefully my new association with Heavy Magazine in future will allow me to shoot from the pit with my real photography gear so watch out for more kickass photos.  In any case here’s a snapshot of my photos with links to more photos below.  R’n’R!!!!

Paul Stanley doing what he does best!

Paul Stanley doing what he does best!

Gene Simmons - The Demon

Gene Simmons – The Demon

Tommy Thayer rocks!

Tommy Thayer rocks!

Eric Singer hits those drums so hard!

Eric Singer hits those drums so hard!

More KISS Monster Tour photos at my Flickr 

See Thin Lizzy & Mötley Crüe Monster Tour photos at my Flickr

JamesD spotted at KISSOPOLIS

JD Spotted at KISSOPOLIS in March 2013

JD Spotted at KISSOPOLIS in March 2013

Once again the guys at KISSOPOLIS have featured my photos on their web site.  As always it’s a buzz for me to see my stuff up in lights and I am looking forward to possibly helping out with the KISSOPOLIS web site in the near future.  Along with my other KISS indulgences, being hooked up with KISSOPOLIS in the name of Rock’n’roll and in the name of KISS is exciting and fun!  Thanks KISSOPOLIS!!

Visit KISSOPOLIS online for all your KISS news!


JamesD Photography on KISSOPOLIS

Always a thrill to find my photos shared around!

It’ always a thrill to find my photos on other people’s web sites.  In this case I am really over the moon as KISS is one of my all time favorite bands.  Mixing music and photography (equal par as far as my passions go) is always going to be enjoyable.  Photographing Bruce Kulick at the Corner Hotel was probably one of my favorite moments.  To have my work shared at KISSOPOLIS is a major thrill!


Click here to visit KISSOPOLIS online.

Bruce Kulick Photo Shoot

Bruce Kulick at the Corner Hotel

Awesome photographing a 'hero' of my yesteryear

In February 2012 I had the pleasure of photographing Bruce Kulick (ex-KISS guitarist 1984 – 1996) at the Corner Hotel in Richmond, Melbourne.

Bruce put an awesome band together comprising of Tim Henwood (Vocals), Travis Dragani (Drums), Paul Drennan (Guitar), Matt Macauliffe (Bass) and of course Bruce himself on Vocals and Guitars.  The band bashed out a number of KISS hits featuring Bruce’s signature lead solos.  Also a feature were three original songs from Bruce’s latest album BK3.

Click here and scroll down to February 13, 2012, the main image of Bruce is one of my shots and two or three others are contained in the slide show once you click on that main image.

More photos of Bruce’s Melbourne gig are on my Flickr here.

Good old fashioned rock’n’roll

KISSTROYER rocked Golden Plains Sixxx in March this year and blew everyone away.  Here’s a video of some highlights which shows just how good these guys are and how honest their show is.  Rock’n’Roll!!!!!!!  Ooooooooh yeeeeeaaaaaaaah!!!!!!!!!

Check out KISSTROYER’s new web site here.