Tom Hawkins: Rise of the Tomahawk

Tom Hawkins, much maligned, much anticipated.  Some supporters always knew he’d take time to develop; but many were screaming for his head on a platter.  It’s time now for the nay-sayers to give him the respect he richly deserves.

Finally he is getting the recognition that he has fought for; that he was going to be good is something, internally, the Cats hierarchy knew was within Tom Hawkins.  Dumped from the team mid-season in 2011 he fought back and set about resurrecting himself as the prominent forward in the Cats team.  He now sits at the (near) top of the season’s goal kicking ladder for the AFL and has cemented himself as the dominating forward for Geelong.

Watch this inspiring video on Geelong’s web site to see for yourself just how good this kid is.  Just how highly he is respected and how much more we can expect from him in the seasons to come.

Click here or the image above to view this remarkable insight to Tom Hawkins… the Tomahawk