I have such beautiful eyes

Having to put up with wearing glasses every waking moment of every day is a pain in the backside, and annual checkups are a must to make sure everything is going ok.  Prevention is far better than any cure so staying on top of it all is good peace of mind.  Recently I have been getting headaches and a sharp pain in behind my left eye.  A trip today to the optometrist revealed some surprising results.  Good news and bad news….. Ok, the good news first.  My long distance vision is stable, no need to worry here.  BUT here goes with the bad…… You can’t imagine my horror discovering that my close vision eyesight is deteriorating.  Even worse horror…. I have been recommended to wear multi-focal lenses in my glasses.  I guess age is catching up with me and the inevitable is fast approaching.  At least I still have my teeth!!

Retinal Photograph

Here’s looking at you kid!